Fully Certified CBD Oil from Just £5

Total CBD offers simple and easy access to high quality CBD oil products at a fraction of the price of other retailers.

New and existing customers love our CBD oil and give us regular feedback about why they use it and how they benefit from it. Every customer uses our CBD oil for their own reasons and you can see some of the feedback we get here in our TrustPilot reviews.

From our clean-room facility in Manchester, we create our range of CBD oils using fully certified CBD (cannabidiol) which is delivered to us with a certificate of purity.

This helps to ensure that we're creating CBD products like CBD Tongue Drops and E Liquids to the highest quality as well as providing you with that extra peace of mind.

CBD products come in all forms and naturally there will always be questions about them. So when it comes to buying CBD oil, we always advise you to do your appropriate research and read genuine customer reviews wherever possible.

Please note that we do not promote CBD oil products as medicines or food supplements, nor do we make any claims about them being used to treat, cure or prevent any disease or malady. Should you need medical advice, we urge you to seek out a qualified medical professional to discuss your issue.

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