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Save 10% When You See on TV

Have you seen us? It’s not a secret, and we’re very proud of it. In fact, we’re so proud that we’ve added a big badge to the homepage of our website.

That’s right. has been on TV again, courtesy of our brand new advert.

And to celebrate, we’re offering every single first-time customer who’s seen the ad a massive 10% discount off every single thing they order. That could save you a serious amount of money when you decide to add a touch of cannabidiol to your daily routine.

What’s in the Advert?

As well as that all-important 10% discount code, which you can use right now to save money on your very first order, our advert shows off our best-selling product - our full spectrum CBD Oil.

There’s a reason that our oil tongue drops are’s most popular and widely used cannabidiol product. It’s because they offer so much variety.

For starters, there’s the strength. Our range of oils start with a low dose of just 100mg. Perfect for a quick hit of CBD goodness on the go. But that’s only the beginning. Depending on your personal requirements and preferences, we ramp up the strength, through 400 and 600mg oils, all the way up to our 1000mg CBD oil.

Using our code on a twin pack of this high strength full spectrum CBD oil will save you a massive £6.60 when you place your first order.

But it gets better. Like anything you put in your mouth, you want your drops to taste nice. Well, we’ve got a range of flavours that taste more than just nice. These taste great.

As you can see on the TV, we have cool, fresh spearmint flavour, juicy orange flavour and our seasonal summer fruits blend – perfect for clinging on to the very last of that sunshine feeling as September draws in.

With a range of flavours and strengths, it’s no wonder that we chose to put our CBD oil front and centre on our small screen debut!

Haven’t Seen The Ad?

If you’ve not seen our advert yet, keep your eyes peeled and make sure you jot down that 10% discount code. It’s your ticket to saving money on CBD tongue drops, CBD eliquids, or CBD tongue shots.

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