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What is Full Spectrum CBD?

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

When you choose a CBD product to try for yourself, it’s only natural that you have questions. Some of the terms you may not be familiar with.

One of those terms we’ll look at today is “Full Spectrum.” That term sounds like something you’d see on a sci-fi TV show, but in fact some advocates claim that full spectrum CBD is actually more natural – and more effective - than other forms of cannabidiol.

So let’s answer that question. What is full spectrum CBD?

What Does Full Spectrum Mean?

When you buy a CBD product, it’s been processed. It has to be processed, or else we can’t sell it, because one of the components in raw hemp is illegal to sell in the UK. That compound, as you may have guessed, is THC. It’s a psychoactive, and it gets you high.

All CBD products are treated to remove all of that THC. But some products are treated more than others.

If you remove everything from hemp except for the cannabidiol, and you isolate the CBD, you’re left with (guess what!) isolate CBD.

But if you only remove the THC and leave in other compounds, you still have a spectrum of chemicals from the hemp plant. We call this kind of cannabidiol, as you’ve probably guessed, full spectrum CBD.

It’s a less pure form of CBD, as it still contains hundreds of other cannabinoids and other naturally-occuring chemicals, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lower quality form of CBD.

In fact, many people claim that the opposite is true, and that full spectrum is in fact far better than isolate CBD.

Is Full Spectrum Better than Isolate?

As with many things CBD, we’re still waiting on full in-depth research on just how beneficial different types of CBD is. All we know is that many people who incorporate CBD into their healthcare regime report increased wellbeing and a range of other benefits.

But we see those increases from people using full spectrum and isolate CBD. So to try and answer this pressing question, we’ll need to look at what other people are saying.

CBD advocates over in the USA believe that the effects of CBD are more pronounced when they’re combined with the other compounds that you find in a cannabidiol where the CBD hasn’t been isolated and removed.

They claim that by retaining some of the hundreds of other compounds you find in a hemp plant, including terpenes and phenolics, you boost the effects of the CBD. As the theory goes, the plant itself has evolved to make use of all of these compounds, so it makes sense that having a range – or a spectrum – of compounds in your CBD products should be more beneficial.

Of course, without any in-depth medical research, that’s not a claim we’d feel comfortable making, but here at we think of it a little like organic foods vs processed foods. Processed food is still nourishing, still fills you up and still tastes great, but organic food just makes you feel healthier.

It’s the same with full spectrum CBD. It’s got more of the things that might just make you feel better after using it. The only way you can know for sure is by trying it for yourself.

Try Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Yourself

We carry a few products that contain full spectrum CBD. The most popular is our CBD tongue drops, which contain rich hemp extracts, MCT oil and flavourings, making them a quick and easy way to add a touch of CBD to your daily routine.

You can try a bottle with 100mg of full spectrum CBD for just £5 right now and see for yourself. Because now you know what full spectrum CBD is, the next question is one only you can answer:

What could full spectrum CBD do for your quality of life?
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