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Due To Covid-19 - Deliveries May Take Between 4-7 Working Days
Due To Covid-19 - Deliveries May Take Between 4-7 Working Days

Gummies & Lollipops

Gummies & Lollipops

CBD Gummies and CBD Lollipops

Cannabidiol-infused Sweets Delivered UK-Wide

Taking your daily CBD supplement doesn’t have to feel like taking medicine. If you’d rather have a little joy as you give yourself a cannabidiol lift, then CBD gummies and CBD lollipops might well be for you. Many of our sweets are sugar free, so you won’t ruin your teeth and you treat yourself to a smile.

CBD Lollies and Gummies – Loved Around the World, Available in the UK

Our team have tracked down some of the world’s favourite CBD lollipops and gummies. Made from a range of natural ingredients and broad spectrum or isolate CBD, these sweets combine your favourite sweet shop flavours with all the wellbeing benefits of a CBD supplement – leaving you feeling better and with a smile on your face.

How to use CBD Gummies and Lollipops

Some things are as easy as taking candy from a baby. Using CBD gummies or lollipops is as easy as eating candy yourself!

With the gummies and sweets, simply take one or two CBD gummies per day depending on your personal requirements. It’s as easy as chewing on a sweetie from the local shop. But please don’t eat a whole packet in one go. While it’s unlikely you’d take too much CBD, there’s a limit to how much your body will absorb.

With the CBD lollipops, it’s just as simple. Have one pop per day, sucked at your leisure.

To order any of our CBD Gummies or CBD Lollipops anywhere in the UK, simply choose the sweets you’d like from this page and add it to your basket. Delivery on all of our CBD products is free if you spend £20 or more.